Crete Barrier

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Crete Barrier Collodial Silicate
1 Gallon / 3.8L

CRETE-BARRIER is a permanent, reactive, penetrating liquid made of concentrated, nano-sized Colloidal Silica particles.  Used as a sealer, hardener/densifier and moisture vapor blocker.


  •          Significantly densifies concrete
  •          Internally waterproofs concrete
  •          Makes concrete more durable & less permeable
  •         Adds surface abrasion resistance

    Increases acid / chemical resistance

  •         Non-toxic / Zero VOC
  •         Environmentally safe/Non Flammable/Odorless
  •         Penetrating/Permanent
  •         Creates a water and contaminant barrier
  •          Reduces permeability by >97%
  •       2 Year shelf Life

        Covers approximately 250 - 300 sq ft. depending on porosity of concrete

APPLICATION:  Crete Barrier is non hazardous but it is strongly recommended to use impervious gloves, splash goggles and mask. If you come in contact with Crete Barrier wash skin with soap and water. Crete Barrier can be applied to concrete of any age.  Ideal application temperature is between 40-90 degrees F.  Before applying, ensure that any previously applied sealer or other contaminant clogging the porosity of the concrete has been removed through chemicals or mechanical abrasion.  A simple water drop test will determine if concrete is open by placing a few small drops of water on concrete.  Look for darkening from the water before moving forward.  Protect areas not intended for coverage.  Crete Barrier may etch glass or dull shiny aluminum and can be difficult to remove from other surface once it dries. 

Apply Crete Barrier to surface with pump up sprayer for larger areas or rag for smaller areas.  Hydrate concrete but do not allow Crete Barrier to puddle.  Keep concrete hydrated with Crete Barrier for 15-20 minutes by slowly working into the surface.  Remove any excess product and allow to dry followed by a burnishing with a diamond impregnated poly blue pad.  With Crete Barrier Colloidal Silica no rinsing is required.  For pourus concrete or for more resistance to chemicals a second or third coat can be applied in the same fashion.

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